Ryan Carter
Age 26
Occupation Carter Corp CEO

Ryan is the CEO of Carter Corporation and can be described as a calm and collected person [He calmly informs the player about her work as seen in Matt's story]. He is also portrayed as generous, kind and a man who cares about humanity and wants to make a change. The other side of his personality which he only reveals to the woman he loves, he appears as a dominant person with strong sense of passion. His behavior was demonstrated when he strangely got closer to the protagonist(player) during a blackout while they were trapped inside the elevator and he got intimate with the player.

There are instances through the chapters where Ryan shows signs of enjoying having arguments with the player while keeping a cool composure. By Chapter 6 he confesses his liking for the player and they have a romantic night in the office followed by him taking the player back to his place where they have romantic as well as intimate exchanges.


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