Matt Ortega
Matt Ortega
Family Daryl Ortega (Brother)
Occupation Graphic Artist

Matt can be described in the game as a spunky but a rebel without a cause as his manner of speech appear as rebellious which annoys the player when he speaks. As a Graphic Artist, he is somewhat of a slacker and always giving the player some advice about the intense work given by their boss, Ryan Carter and has a playful side calling the player as his angel and in later chapters he calls her as his princess after he became romantically involved with her. Matt also shows his jealousy and anger whenever the player is attracted towards their manager Gabriel Simons as he rudely asks her if she is attracted to him as seen in the first chapter and both are seen to have a tension to make the player decide who is attracted on either of the two. This also happens in Gabriel's story when he discovers the girl he likes is with Gabriel and causing both men to have a fistfight despite the latter stated that he protects her.

In Chapter 2, Matt has a heated rivalry with his brother, Daryl Ortega who is rude, narcisstic and very insistent person and has an aggressive side which it shows his impulsive driving when he aggressively takes the player home with his Lamborghini in front of his brother. Matt angrily warns the player about his brother even when the player wants to know more about their sibling rivalry during one of his parties as he serves as an uninvited guest. Lisa also stated that both brothers are now competing to win the player's heart which is why their relationship becomes strained. However in Chapter 8, it becomes more apparent when Matt was confronted by his brother after he sneaks out to his house to see the player who is visiting him. But he is unable to stop his brother due to his aggressive behavior when he forces the player to drag her to his car much like he previously did from the first.

Also stated by Lisa, Matt is a calm and nice person and like Gabriel, he is also a brave and confident man when he protects his friends including the player as he beats the thug who attempts to kill her to rob her belongings. He always hangs out with the lead vocalist of Nightmareden and programmer, Colin Spencer during his work duties or lends a helping hand towards people from the backstage during his concerts. At first, Matt is usually seen at the Gym when he playfully spars the player until he reveals himself working at the Carter Corp as a Graphic Artist. He is also the one who started the argument when the player talks about both his brother Daryl and later Gabriel. But soon apologizes to the player for his actions as well as protecting her from his brother's aggressive behavior showing his compassionate side towards her.

In Colin's story, Matt was revealed to be helping other people in the backstage during the Nightmareden's concert where Colin is the lead vocalist of the band and he playfully introduces to the player towards Colin's bandmates, Adam and Doris as well as letting the player to hang out with Colin.

In the secret scenes when the player becomes romantically attracted towards Matt, he finally shows his softer side as seen when he teaches her to ride his motorcycle, picking her up to Carter Corp by driving to his old car and spending time with her at the apartment. Matt also shows his wild side whenever he went intimate towards the player after admitting his strong romantic feelings to her, spending the rest of his 3 days vacation with her privately as well as in his ending where he proposes her to be his girlfriend leading him to consummate their relationship.


The story begins when the player is on the way to the Gym for an exercise and sparring as she meets Daryl Ortega along the way. At the Gym, she meets Daryl's brother, Matt who initially appears to spar with her and became attracted to see him. After sparring, he was accidentally peeked by the player when he was taking the shower as he corrected her that she was in the men's shower and giving her advice not to lose her way. (This first secret scene can be unlocked when the player picks the answer correctly during her conversation with Matt at the Gym).

In the first day of work, Matt finally reveals himself working as a Graphic Artist and always making the player annoyed because of his manner of speech. Lisa corrects her that Matt does that because he supports her. Matt was unaware that she has feelings for him despite her plans are backfired. The player also noticed the tension between Matt and his brother Daryl which he angrily introduces to him. Although, Daryl shows his aggressive side by taking her to his Lamborghini sports car and to show his impulsive driving. On the next day, Matt angrily argues towards the player because of his brother who asks her to be part of the video clip with the rapper after showing his impulsive driving until she tells Lisa about what happened last night.

However in their second sparring session, Matt became confused to see the player letting her anger to be steamed because of his brother's impulsive driving and Lisa's advises as he sadly apologizes for the argument he had made earlier which she accepts his apology before its coach from the Gym drags him out.

The next day, Matt was impressed about her dance moves and she keeps joking around with Cassidy. She later convinces Matt to join Daryl's party which he became tense when she mentions about his brother and later he sneaks out at night to see her who is searching for him knowing that he is uninvited until Daryl's arrival who became impressed to see his brother for the first time in his parties. She also noticed Matt becomes aggressive when he protects her from both Daryl's aggressive behavior and his insistence before the latter was interuppted from his phone call and left for some busy matters. Matt became stubborn for a moment the player wants to know about their sibling rivalry as she stomps away angrily but Matt stops her. He tells her that he wanted to protect her while showing both his compassionate and protective side as they almost kissed before the loud noises coming from his brother's party making them both in an awkward situation.

The next morning, Matt decided to help her work duties until Gabriel arrives and he asks him to come to his office, much to his anger and the player tells him that she will be okay and Matt happily returns her laptop before leaving as he left a note to make her work finished. He also considers his manager, Gabriel as a love rival when he became jealous towards the player who rudely asks her if she is attracted to him. As it reveals in his story that Gabriel wants to make both Matt and the player in separate cubicles particularly because of the party incident. After talking to Lisa about both Matt and Daryl's rivalry and it's competition to win the player's heart. She went home to her apartment after she takes her dog, Jiji for a walk and was surprised to see all of Matt's calls and text after she left her cellphone as she reads his message is to see him at the hospital because his brother Daryl got in an car accident.

As the story progresses, Matt finally shows his protective side when he protects the player from a lone thug and carries her to safety. He even let her ride his motorcycle to take her home despite the latter remains flusterred. (The secret stories in both Chapter 4 and 5 can be unlocked when the player picks the correct answer when talking to either Matt or Daryl. In both Chapter 5 and Chapter 9, Daryl replaces his brother due to his absence when he tries to entertain the player.)

The next day, Matt finally picks her up to go to the Carter Corp by driving his old car much like how he takes her home by riding a motorcycle. On the way, they saw his brother's sports car which it was driven by Daryl and became disappointed to his brother who hangs out with another woman. Matt begins to have romantic feelings towards the player whenever they have a conversation during work hours and he always giving her some support towards her heavy work. When they are about to go down the elevator, he was seen with the player were making out privately inside the elevator. (Like in the first chapter, the first half of Chapter 6's secret scene can be unlocked when the player answers correctly when she was talking to Matt and other characters such as Lisa.)

At night, Matt takes her to his house and the player was amazed to see the graffiti on the walls which Matt reveals that he is expert in graffiti as he shows it to her all of his work of art in graffiti until the player finally admitting her feelings to him as Matt did the same as he took off his clothes to reveal his naked body making her cheeks became rosier because of his well toned physique as both kissed passionately and became romantically involved. The player was seen getting close to Matt who is covered in a black blanket as they are about to make out in the sofa during their intimate scene and it was their first romantic night. (This secret scene of the second half of Chapter 6 will be unlocked when the player answers correctly while she was talking to Matt privately at night).

Matt is seen hanging out with the player most of his time in the park before their work duties in the morning, he even helps her work to pass it to Gabriel when needed. But after their work duties, he and the player spending time at the grounds within the hotel and restaurant, they started dating by eating at dinner as the song was played in a romantic tone. After she texted Lisa that she and Matt will be staying in 3 days and 2 nights for their private vacation, Matt arrives to see her getting ready for their intimate night as both are spending together throughout their 3 days vacation. After taking their two steamy nights both decided to leave the hotel to get home for their next working hours as the player was seen talking to Lisa by text message. The next day, Matt is with Gabriel and the player are having a discussion at the manager's office. After their work duties, Matt has a conversation with the player privately and later at night, he hangs out along with Colin and the player. (Both Chapter 7's secret scenes will be unlocked when she talks to Matt privately at the park and later spending a romantic three day private vacation with him.)

Later on, the player was invited by Daryl on his house by riding a taxi until Matt arrives who appears as an uninvited guest for the second time as Daryl confronts his brother. The player wanted to stop the siblings from fighting. But to her dismay, Daryl forces her to come with him to his car by his own aggression. During his impulsive driving, Daryl was confronted by a gangster causing him to race against the latter's sport's car. Afterwards, Daryl eventually leaves the player in safety. The next day, the player was given an assignment for her work by Gabriel. After her work duties in a rainy night, Matt reunites with her. Matt wanted to spend time with her rather than she goes to his brother and after she tells him about what Daryl had done yesterday, he was completely disappointed. She later requests him to spend the night at her apartment which he agrees. Matt finally spends the night with the player at her apartment and finally admitting his feelings to her and decides to be with her side when he gets close to her as both of their hearts were pounding as they kiss leading both became intimate when he finally laid her down on her bed. Matt is shown to make love towards the player after he became very close to her and finally spends the night with her romantically. The next morning, Matt decides to leave for the short time until she was texted by Daryl and later giving some heavy work by Gabriel and always reminding herself to think either Matt or Daryl is a bad guy. (Both Chapter 8's secret scenes will be unlocked when the player answers correctly when she has an argument with Daryl inside his car and letting Matt to stay at her apartment during the rainy night.)

Before going to their work duties, Matt had a brief argument with the player as they arrived at the Carter Corp as he left her alone until Ryan arrives to inform her about her work. For the second time, Matt apologizes for the argument he had earlier as she tells both him and Colin to move when she was called by their manager Gabriel at his office who were impressed about her work leading to her promotion. Matt eventually congratulates her for being promoted before leaving. The next day, both Matt and Gabriel are having a tension inside his office which both makes her decision to choose either of the two as she chooses Matt because of her strong feelings to him much to his surprise as Gabriel repeats the same question to make Matt disappointed due to his manipulative ways. After answering both questions, Gabriel allows them to do what they want as he leaves, surprising Matt knowing of her love to him as he quickly left the office.

During her overtime at night, Matt came to see her and she requested to help her work which he agrees. As he started to help her, both were having a private conversation about how Gabriel calls her in his office that leads to her promotion. Matt became very concerned to her and became doubt to think Gabriel was attracted to her and making decisions to choose either him or Gabriel and was happy that she chose him. Afterwards, he and the player separate ways.

Therefore, Lisa informs the player about Matt which he texted her to meet him. As Matt finally reunites with the player, she kisses him knowing that she loves him dearly as he too as well and they have a long private conversation before Matt leaves. Back at the player's apartment after Lisa informs her, Matt visits at her apartment and calmly decides to stay with her. He finally proposes to her as his girlfriend and she excitedly agrees as they kissed passionately and Matt removes his clothes to show himself naked and happily tells her that he loves her. Afterwards, Matt begins to make love with her for the second time as they finally consummate their relationship.


Here are the walkthroughs from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Good Ending
"I come here to jog."
"I feel a little lost."
"I came from a long way away by plane."
Throw him a stick
He made me laugh straightaway
"I prefer him to some humans."
Brush him off.
"At the park."
"Who's with?!"
"I do Krav Maga."
"I’m wearing a pair of tight shorts."
"I’m going to knock you out!"
"You teach kids?"
"Let’s continue!"
"I’m going to stretch."
Find an excuse
"I can read, you know!"
"I got a really good look."
Ask her about her conquest
"Oh, come on… Not another hunk?"
"It was just physical attraction."
"She’s no example."
"I’m frightened of losing him as a friend."
Go home.
I opt taking a shower rather than putting make up on.
Sit down and wait
Thank him.
"No I’m fine!"
"I wasn’t."
"He didn’t say anything in particular."
"Where is it?"
"You’re interested in his fans?"
"Pull the rug out from under his feet."
Buy it for her.
"I take one break."
"That I’m a slouch."
"I don’t undermine myself!"
"I’m so glad to see her!"
"I have to confess to something."
"It’s been a while…"
"My mind is made up on making a move."
Be subtle.
"How would you take it?"
"What should I do?"
"Oh, so what should I do now?"
"In other words?"
"I won’t manage it."
Tell him that you’re going take him out.
Stay subtle.
Tell her about Matt.
"I’m hestiating on the electric blue bustier-dress."
"Is he coming to pick you up?"
Walk normally.
Thank him.
Be a little curt.
"My name’s (Player's name)."
"He’s gone to get me a drink."
Brush him off.
Everything's fine.
You two knew each other?
Stay calm.
Tell him the truth.
He's a nice guy.
What's going on?
I'm getting a taxi.
Yeah, you've got better things to do.
Stay calm.
Take an interest in him.
Be curious about his work.
Don't you ever quit?
The driving was a little too impulsive!
It's Matt I'm interested in!
Are you serious?
I'm surprised.
Giving it some slice.
I select a pair of skinny fit, sky blue jeans and a white blouse.
Lot's to tell!
Tease him.
Not yet?
Daryl suggested I take part in a video clip.
I don't know yet...
Is he jealous?
Admit things.
Talk about Matt.
No, not really.
You think so?
I needed to work things off.
Accept his apology
I'm afraid of storms!
Here we go!!!
Have a snack.
Think about it.
I'm good on dancing.
Well, I don't know...
Are you going to Daryl's party?
Look for Matt.
Don't even think about it.
I asked him to come.
You're being aggresive!
How about you talk to me about it!
I'm going to take a walk.
Kiss him.
Check how you look.
Yes, please.
Tell Matt to go.
Send Matt a text.
Provoque him. (It was misspelled as provoke)
I'd like it to be Matt.
Compared to Matt...
Yes, that's right.
Matt disappeared a while.
He's insistent...
Thank her.
But my heart belongs to Matt.

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