Matt Ortega
Matt Ortega
Age 25
Family Daryl Ortega (Brother)
Occupation Graphic Artist

Matt can be described in the game as a spunky but a rebel without a cause as his manner of speech appear as rebellious which annoys the player when he speaks. As a Graphic Artist, he is somewhat of a slacker and always giving the player some advice about the intense work given by their boss, Ryan Carter and has a playful side calling the player as his angel and in later chapters he calls her as his princess after he became romantically involved with her. Matt also shows his jealousy and anger whenever the player is attracted towards their manager Gabriel Simons as he rudely asks her if she is attracted to him as seen in the first chapter and both are seen to have a tension to make the player decide who is attracted on either of the two. This also happens in Gabriel's story when he discovers the girl he likes is with Gabriel and causing both men to have a fistfight despite the latter stated that he protects her.


In the secret scenes when the player becomes romantically attracted towards Matt, he finally shows his softer side as seen when he teaches her to ride his motorcycle and spending time with her at the apartment. Matt also shows his wild side whenever he went intimate towards the player after admitting his strong romantic feelings to her, spending the rest of the overnight with her privately as well as in his ending where he proposes her to be his girlfriend leading him to consummate their relationship.


Here are the walkthroughs from the three chapters.

Good Ending
"I come here to jog."
"I feel a little lost."
"I came from a long way away by plane."
Throw him a stick
He made me laugh straightaway
"I prefer him to some humans."
Brush him off.
"At the park."
"Who's with?!"
"I do Krav Maga."
"I’m wearing a pair of tight shorts."
"I’m going to knock you out!"
"You teach kids?"
"Let’s continue!"
"I’m going to stretch."
Find an excuse
"I can read, you know!"
"I got a really good look."
Ask her about her conquest
"Oh, come on… Not another male whore!!


"It was just physical attraction."
"She’s no example."
"I’m frightened of losing him as a friend."
Go home.
I opt taking a shower rather than putting make up on.
Sit down and wait
Thank him.
"No I’m fine!"
"I wasn’t."
"He didn’t say anything in particular."
"Where is it?"
"You’re interested in his fans?"
"Pull the rug out from under his feet."
Buy it for her.
"I take one break."
"That I’m a slouch."
"I don’t undermine myself!"
"I’m so glad to see her!"
"I have to confess to something."
"It’s been a while…"
"My mind is made up on making a move."
Be subtle.
"How would you take it?"
"What should I do?"
"Oh, so what should I do now?"
"In other words?"
"I won’t manage it."
Tell him that you’re going take him out.
Stay subtle.
Tell her about Matt.
"I’m hestiating on the electric blue bustier-dress."
"Is he coming to pick you up?"
Walk normally.
Thank him.
Be a little curt.
"My name’s (Player's name)."
"He’s gone to get me a drink."
Brush him off.
Everything's fine.
You two knew each other?
Stay calm.
Tell him the truth.
He's a nice guy.
What's going on?
I'm getting a taxi.
Yeah, you've got better things to do.
Stay calm.
Take an interest in him.
Be curious about his work.
Don't you ever quit?
The driving was a little too impulsive!
It's Matt I'm interested in!
Are you serious?
I'm surprised.
Giving it some slice.
I select a pair of skinny fit, sky blue jeans and a white blouse.
Lot's to tell!
Tease him.
Not yet?
Daryl suggested I take part in a video clip.
I don't know yet...
Is he jealous?
Admit things.
Talk about Matt.
No, not really.
You think so?
I needed to work things off.
Accept his apology
I'm afraid of storms!
Here we go!!!
Have a snack.
Think about it.
I'm good on dancing.
Well, I don't know...
Are you going to Daryl's party?
Look for Matt.
Don't even think about it.
I asked him to come.
You're being aggresive!
How about you talk to me about it!
I'm going to take a walk.
Kiss him.
Check how you look.
Yes, please.
Tell Matt to go.
Send Matt a text.
Provoque him. (It was misspelled as provoke)
I'd like it to be Matt.
Compared to Matt...
Yes, that's right.
Matt disappeared a while.
He's insistent...
Thank her.
But my heart belongs to Matt.
Rush to take him in your arms.
How is Daryl!?
Calm down.
Put a hand on his.
Thank him.
Can we see him?
What do you mean?
What do you mean? (The second time she asks him first but in a confused way)
Yes, me too!
Tease him.
He seems sturdy.
I'm just trying to understand!
Listen to him.
Talk to him about Daryl's driving.
Yes I do.
You used to race too?
Let him take the lead.
Cover up for him. (Due to Gabriel's presence)
Send Matt a message.
Tell her about Daryl.
Ask him about Matt. (She asks Colin about Matt.)
Yes I was with him.
What do you mean as usual? (Due to Colin's rude remarks)
How are you?!
Let him settle.
Ask him why.
Gabriel was looking for you.
You're the one that's going to suffer.
Straighten up.
Struggle free.
I hope it's Matt!
Tell her about tonight.
I didn't really notice...
You came on stronger yesterday.
It doesn't matter!
So he does hold back!
Act innocent. (When she encounters Ryan at the elevator)
Don't get flusterred.
Catch him on his own game.
Apologize. (It was spelled "Apologise" in the game)
Let him stew.
Just a minute...
Thank him.
A black all in one suit with a lace neckline.
Pay him a compliment too.
Thank him for the invitation.
Tell him.
Should I be!?
Discreetly explain what's what on the waitress.
Talk about mom. (It was spelled as "mum" in the game)
I'm sorry... (After Matt reveals about his early life)
The Ortega tornado?
Help him by joking.
Send him a nice message.
Reply a little rashly.
Yes until I got a message from your brother.
You forbade him to see me! (Referring to Daryl's rude text message)
Good job! (Giving compliments to Gabriel)
Thank him.
Decline the invitation. (She rejects Gabriel's request)
Ask Lisa.
Keep your calm. (During her encounter with a creep)

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