Gabriel Simons
Gabriel Simons
Age 28
Occupation Manager

Gabriel is best described in the game as being a serious but a charismatic person and was impressed to the players' work due to his job as a manager. In later chapters, Gabriel is shown to have a playful side towards the player when they are dating very often as well as very caring towards her. Like Matt, he is also a brave and confident person when he protects someone which it was seen in Chapter 10 when Gabriel protects the player when Matt became jealous and angry after seeing them together leading both to have a fistfight. The most trait of his personality was his charm due to his handsome looks and his well toned physique like the player's other romantic interests and acts as a simple romanticnist and this is the main reason the player becomes attracted to him.

In Matt's story however, Gabriel is revealed to be strict which he asks Matt to come to his office due to both of him and the player became attracted to each other during Daryl's party and decides to change their cubicles in separate places so that both would not share the same office cubicle. This also happens when he and Matt are having a tension at his office during the final chapter which he tells the player to choose either of the two of them.


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