Drogo Bartholy
Age Unknown
Family Nicolae Bartholy ( older brother)

Lorie Bartholy ( younger sister ) Peter Bartholy ( younger brother ) Unknown father

Occupation College Student at Mystery Spell University

Another world of "Is It Love?" is "Is It Love? Mystery Spell" with the lead and currently only romantic interest being Drogo Bartholy. (opposite of the title, which I'm not sure why the other "contributers" thought this, Drogo is NOT part of Carter Corps.) As the vampiric family of a frighteningly well known ruthless man, the Bartholy's are very feared and we'll known, as your "new to town" character soon finds out. Drogo, the 2nd eldest son, is an upperclassman of the private university called Mystery Spell where the player attends as a college freshman. Drogo is rebellious, snarky, quick witted, short tempered, and as the MC (main character) says "an asshole", but as you play on, the MC discovers that Drogo is also protective of her. With an oddly uncontrollable attraction towards each other, yet also butting heads quite often, the MC soon discovers that she's a witch and that the Bartholy's, whom she's working as live in nanny for little sister Lorie, are a family of vampires.

Even though, the MC argues a lot with Drogo and her friend Sarah, who's family history goes way back with the Bartholy's in a negative manner, always nags MC not to get involved with Drogo, the MC can't resist the other side of Drogo, which is sweet, fun, mischievous, and protective of only her. (it also helps that he's dead sexy). Yet, once MC and Drogo gets together, more chaos, mysteries, and drama unfolds, as Is-It Love? Games go. In both upcoming chapters, Drogo show both his wild, dangerous, and reckless behavior when he convinces MC to use her powers and is forbidden to see MC.


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