Drogo Bartholy
Occupation College Student

Unlike most romantic interests who worked in Carter Corp, Drogo is the complete opposite who is a very calm and mysterious person and is an upperclassman of the private university where the player was currently studied. He is also very cautious to himself due to the fact that he is a vampire which most female college students are afraid of him except the player who really wanted to be tempted his thirst for blood. He is also friends with Nicolae and Lorie who let the player to support him.

In most of the secret scenes, Drogo usually hangs out at night and when the player is romantically attracted towards him, Drogo has a softer side of his personality and like Ryan, he can be very possessive towards the player as seen when he romantically kisses her privately.

Trivia Edit

  • Drogo's character was most likely to be inspired by Edward Cullen from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Saga
    • When the player becomes romantically attracted towards him, he references how Bella becomes tempted towards Edward in Twilight.
    • When both makes out after Drogo reveals his strong feelings to her referencing both Bella and Edward are briefly making out before he stops her because of his species as a vampire in Twilight. This is also happens when they kissed romantically in Eclipse.


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