Colin Spencer
Carter Corp Colin
Occupation Programmer
Nightmareden's Lead Vocalist

Colin as described in the game as being calm, cool and collected. But also has a wild side due to his role as both a rocker and performer when he performs at the concert as the lead vocalist of the band Nightmareden. He is very friendly towards his bandmates, Adam and Doris as well as the Ortega brothers, Matt and Daryl. Like Matt, Colin has a spunky attitude and also shows his softer side when the player became romantically attracted to him especially when he was introduced by Matt at his concert. Colin also works at Carter Corp as a programmer and also assists Matt on his work duties and always giving some good advises towards the player.

During the secret scenes, Colin reveals his love of music which he was seen practicing his guitar skills as well as letting the player to listen all of his songs. He can be very charming similar to Gabriel's when he finally shows his romantic feelings towards the player as well as showing his revealing side to her.


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