Hometown Story
Hometown Story
Developer Hyde, Inc.
Toybox Inc.
Publisher 🇺🇸 Natsume
🇯🇵 Spike Chunsoft
🇪🇺 Rising Star Games
Released 🇺🇸 October 22, 2013
🇯🇵 December 12, 2013
🇪🇺 May 12, 2014
🇦🇺 July 24, 2014
Platforms Nindendo 3DS

Hometown Story (ホームタウン・ストーリー, Hōmutaun Sutōri) is a Nintendo 3DS game created by Bokujō Monogatari series creator, Yasuhiro Wada.

The main character is in charge of running a shop they inherited from their deceased grandmother Nana.

Love InterestsEdit

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