Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl
Boy & Girl
Japanese 牧場物語ハーベストムーン ボーイ&ガール
Developer Marvelous Interactive
Publisher 🇯🇵Marvelous Entertainment
🇺🇸 Natsume
Platforms PlayStation Portable
PlayStation Store

]Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl (牧場物語ハーベストムーン ボーイ&ガール/Bokujō Monogatari: Harvest Moon Boy and Girl) is a port of the PS1 game Back To Nature and it's girl-version remake. The Girl version never received an official English translation until this game.

When you play as a female protagonist you start out sailing on as ship. You become shipwrecked and are rescued by a mysterious man. You end up in Mineral Town, and with nowhere to go you decide to take care of the local farm.[1]

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