Girlish Love Revolution
Girlish Love Revolution DS
Japanese 乙女的恋革命ラブレボ!!
Developer HuneX
Publisher GungHo Works
Released 🇯🇵 February 14, 2008
💠 May 2nd, 2012
Platforms Nintendo DS

Girlish Love Revolution!! takes place over a school year and works on a 3-day block basis where the player decides what actions to take for the next three days (one if it is a Sunday or a holiday). The player can choose to spend the whole day, or divide her day, using half the time for studying in school. The actions vary for each choice; if the player chooses to use the whole day, the actions follow as study, literature, science, and physical education. Whereas when the player choose to use half her day to study, after she may explore, eat candy to relieve her stress, diet, go to the club, and so on. On holidays and Sundays, all actions are available including going on a date with guys.

The main character, Hitomi Sakuragawa (桜川 ヒトミ?) (default name, changeable), was once a cute, beautiful girl, winning beauty contests in childhood. However, after losing to the temptation of junk food received from fans, she has steadily gained weight... until she reached 100 kg in her second year of high school. At the beginning of the school year, the main character and her brother moved into her father's mansion-like dorm. She discovered that the school's most popular guys are also moving in. Their impressions on her shocked her into starting a diet.[1]

Love Interests

  • Ichinose Ren
  • Fukami Souta
  • Tokita Kaede
  • Sakuragawa Takashi
  • Tachibana Kennosuke
  • Kamishiro Ayato
  • Kinomura Tohru
  • Wakatsuki Ryuutaro


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