Developer xerofit51
Publisher sakon04
Released 🌎 December 22, 2014
Platforms PC

Freak-Quency, known to most people as a popular Virtual Reality video game. Then why is it that many of their players are being killed. It doesn't help with the fact that your brother is missing and he turns out to be an avid Freak-quency player. Where is he? Is he dead, alive, and why is all the freak-quency players dying!?

You play this game as Sonnya Gray, a young 16 year old whose attitude can be sweet or bitter depending on your choices. This is an otome game with a simple persona portable based map system and stat raising . You can basically do whatever you want, get a guy, make friends, or not. However be advised...that the choices you make will ultimately determine your fate.[1]

Love Interests Edit

  • Kai
  • Luke
  • Rick
  • Jackal
  • ???


  1. [1]


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