Soji Shirogane
Japanese 白金総司
Birthday August 27
Height 178 cm
Blood Type A
Occupation Company President

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Good Ending
No, I'm not.
Thank him for yesterday.
I understand.
Agree to sign.
No, I'm your wife.
Ask about Soji.
Yes, of course, a slave genius.
Introduce yourself.
As your wife I will
Don't move.
Why not relax at home?
Shall we hold hands?
You think I'm pretty...
I still feel resistant.
I'm sorry for causing trouble.
I have no relation with him.
I'm sorry for getting carried away.
I'm married.
Get angry.
He saved me.
Give up.
Hold me more!
Are you on a date, Tota?
Is this a close friend?
We scratch each other's backs.
What we're going to eat tomorrow.
Can I join you?
Do you want to go ask Mr. Arima about it?
I trusted you...
Those papers are fake.
Don't worry about me.
What about your first love?

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