Kageyuki Shiraishi
Shiraishi Kageyuki
Japanese 白石 景之
Birthday December 24
Age 29
Occupation Forensic Technician
Seiyū Kimura Ryouhei

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Good End Bad Ends More Bad Ends
Don’t report it Report the Incident
Speak honestly
You don’t care if I die?
I understand
Is working for the SP hard?
April and May Incidents
June Incident
July Incident
August Incident
September Incident
November Incident
That’s enough for now
6F – Forensics
I think there’s a leak in the police station
I stay at home
I have a lot
I like a good drama
Be honest
Investigation Mode:
Over the Drawers
Uhhh… Mukai said, um… I was curious about, um, about underneath, uh…
Run home Run home. Listen closer
I’d think of a third option I’d sacrifice myself
Would ask their reasons Would never forgive them
Turn away and pout
The benefactor’s side.
Be furious
Yuki Sunamori
LEAF: Please don’t push yourself too hard LEAF: I want to get your opinion on the case.
I don’t care if I get hurt I understand
the crime scene. There might be something else there.
Investigation Mode:
Investigation Mode:
Went to the park

Went to the free school

Succeed at trigger mode Succeed at trigger mode Fail at trigger mode
Explain it Keep it a secret
Turn them down Hesitate
Call Get a taxi
Succeed at trigger mode Succeed at trigger mode Fail at trigger mode

Love Interests in Collar x Malice
Aiji Yanagi · Kei Okazaki · Mineo Enomoto · Takeru Sasazuka · Kageyuki Shiraishi

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