Takeru Sasazuka
Sasazuka Takeru
Japanese 笹塚 尊
Birthday June 8
Age 24
Occupation Hacker
Seiyū Daisuke Namikawa

Takeru is the least sociable of the group of investigators, often insulting the protagonist by calling her slow or "dumb cat" (he later calls her that with affection), he justifies this in the fact that he dislikes stupid people and doesn't wish to waste time on explaining everything to them.

Although he is rude, he does care about the protagonist and his coworkers, though he doesn't often show it. Like Aiji and Mineo, he had previously worked for the police, then later quit for personal reasons. He worked in the Cyber Crimes Division for three months before quitting.

It's quickly pointed out that Takeru has a sweet tooth, always requesting donuts and coffee with plenty of cream and sugar. When he goes out to drink, he often picks sweet, fruity drinks over bitter ones.

Takeru seems to enjoy food in general and has a large appetite despite being so thin, often eating microwavable food, due to the least amount of time and effort spent on cooking.

Having grown up in America, his tastes lean more towards American dishes, though he will still eat Japanese food, but is pickier about what he eats. He often has the protagonist eat what he doesn't want. This usually leads to Takeru describing the protagonist as a dog and he needs to feed her or give her treats to praise her. His usual treat is a donut, which he doesn't normally share with others.


The reason Takeru moved to Japan was due to the Swords and Firearms Law. Unlike in America, civilians in Japan are not allowed to own or handle guns. Takeru took comfort in this law due to his mother being killed by a gangster, pushing Takeru out of the line of fire. Due to his fear of guns, even as a police officer, he refused to carry the one he was issued.

Once the law was revoked and the government began to issue guns to all civilians inside Shinjuku, Takeru left the police department, feeling the government was failing him and couldn't do anything from the inside.

He originally didn't seek out to work for the police and was recruited after winning a hacking competition. He learned his computer skills from his father and later became interested in hacking.

During his route, Takeru takes great pleasure in teasing both the protagonist and her rebellious little brother in private, such as calling Kazuki "Little Brother" and insisting on being called "Big Brother" when he's pretending to be the protagonist's boyfriend.


Happy End Bad Ends Low Trust End
Don’t report it Report it
(Common Route Bad End 1)
On the Main Menu,
Go to Chapter
Lie to him
(Appears after completing a route)
Takeru Sasazuka
Chapter 6
Do you suspect me? Low
I understand
Is working for the SP hard?
Review all of the X-Day Cases
Field Operations Support Team
Buy a variety
If it was a previous suspect
Field Operations Support Team
Pass through Go to the park
(Bad End 1)
(Either Option)
They’re trying to be found
Change the subject
Investigate Everything Twice
*Steel Rack
*Cork Board
Investigation Headquarters
I bought prepared food
Prevent Kazuki from leaving
I want to see you
Social problems
Escape from reality
Field Operations Support Team
Be honest with him
To be betrayed in the game
Trap Souda
Succeed at trigger mode Fail Trigger Mode
(Bad End 2)
I won’t apologize
Just drink quietly
They were pawns
Because he is still useful
The connection with Sasazuka
Go to the office Go to his home
(Bad End 3)
I’m about to cry

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Aiji Yanagi · Kei Okazaki · Mineo Enomoto · Takeru Sasazuka · Kageyuki Shiraishi