Kei Okazaki
Okazaki Kei
Japanese 岡崎 契
Birthday February 22
Age 26
Occupation SP Officer
Seiyū Kaji Yuuki

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Good End Bad Ends More Bad Ends
Don’t report it Report the Incident
Lie to him (New Game +)
You don’t care if I die?
I understand.
What are you trying to protect?
April and May Incidents
June Incident
July Incident
August Incident
September Incident
November Incident
That’s enough for now.
6F – Forensics
There are things that I need to protect
…I can’t say
The scope of the broadcast
They only wanted the cops to know?
They wanted to throw off the investigation
The crime was poorly planned Follow the other guy.
Follow Kazuki
Isn’t this inappropriate?
Prioritize the evacuation
Investigation Mode:
Murder Weapon x2
Persons of Interest Data x2
State of the Body x2
Crime Scene x2
Ground x2
That Ogata stabbed him in the heart
Go see Ogawa
LEAF: Thanks
Sugawara and Ogata are accomplices
Ogata went that far
It was a substitute murder I can’t lie to her
Is very reliable I don’t want him to shoot me
I don’t want to run from him Call him
That’s fine
7F – Investigation Headquarters
LEAF: No, with Okazaki…
Accept his offer
They’re linked to the countdown crimes
Narrow it down to publicized scandals
Someone who got away with a crime I’ll chase him
Let’s retreat
I won’t run.
LEAF: I don’t want to lose you
I hate you now, Okazaki
Succeed at trigger mode Fail at trigger mode

Love Interests in Collar x Malice
Aiji Yanagi · Kei Okazaki · Mineo Enomoto · Takeru Sasazuka · Kageyuki Shiraishi