Mineo Enomoto
Enomoto Mineo
Japanese 榎本 峰雄
Birthday April 17
Age 23
Occupation Former Field Ops Agent
Seiyū Saitou Souma

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Good End Bad Ends More Bad Ends
Don’t report it Report the Incident
Lie to him (New Game +)
You don’t care if I die?
I want to trust you.
Is working for the SP hard?
April and May Incidents
June Incident
] July Incident
August Incident
] September Incident
] November Incident
That’s enough for now.
6F – Forensics
I want to research X-Day’s beginnings
Someone reckless
It will work
Take the normal route. Take the shortcut
4F – Field Operations Support Team
Their methods are wrong That’s not true.
It’s my SRCPO mission.
Chase after him Stay here for now
Say it one more time!
Investigation Mode:
Chair on side
Roman Numeral
The numbers were written with Fuji’s blood
The bullet holes around Fuji’s body
Murder via an unrelated conspirator
I’ll eat it for him
LEAF: I was thinking that
Fuji’s murderer…
Someone who likes them
Succeed at trigger mode Fail at trigger mode
He probably wouldn’t try to help others
A pre-planned response
Was set up ahead of time
Vengeance against the police
Want me to support you? Want your partner on board? Shinjuku Station
Where Fuji was killed Where Fuji was killed
Move close to him Watch TV together
You did.
Kiss Mineo Gaze at Mineo

Love Interests in Collar x Malice
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