How to Make

Create a url simliar to the one below. Instead of GAMENav, use the game's title for the navigation. (example: HatofulBoyfriendNav).

This is what the url should look like:

When the Navigation page has been created, it will promptly ask you the template type you wish to use, select NavBox.

When you enter edit mode, copy and paste the following code and replace "GAME" with the game's title and "NAME" with the name of the character and ect.

 |title= Love Interests in [[GAME]]
 |list=  [[GAME/NAME|NAME]] · [[GAME/NAME|NAME]]
<noinclude>[[Category:Navigation Templates]]</noinclude>

(Do Not Add The Code Above Directly To The Character Page)


When the Navigation page has been created and edited, use this example coding in the source editor of the game's character pages.

Again, just replace "GAME" with the game's title.
Remember, this always goes on the bottom of the character's page.

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