Avalon Code
Avalon code
Japanese アヴァロンコード
Developer Matrix Software
Publisher 🇯🇵 Marvelous Entertainment
🇺🇸 Xseed Games
🇪🇺 Rising Star Games
Released 🇯🇵 November 1, 2008
🇺🇸 March 10, 2009
🇪🇺 March 12, 2010
Platforms Nintendo DS

Avalon Code is a fantasy-action-role-playing video game for Nintendo DS. It was developed by Matrix Software and published by Marvelous Entertainment.

The game makes use of a 'mechanic' that allows the player to affect the "elemental code" of the world around them by using the Book of Prophecy which is situated on the touch-sensitive lower screen. This book is the central focus of both the plot and gameplay. The game also allows the player to select between a male or female protagonist.[1]

Love Interests Edit


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