Area - X
Developer Zeiva Inc.
Publisher Zeiva Inc.
Released June 16, 2013
Platforms PC

Area-X is a cross between a visual novel and adventure game.[1] Help Eria as she time travels and solves the mystery of her surroundings.

In the far off future, people, who are techology advance lives 1,000 meters deep underground. Meanwhile, an organization searches to end this by sending people back in time to recover lost natural resources. Elcia is one such people. She's a Time Negotiator, it's her job to travel across various dimensions and negotiate in the past.

However, in a strange twist, Elcia accidentally stumbled upon "Area-X," an unknown dimension. Followering its discovery, more bizarre incidents and conspiracies awaited her one after the other. - All leading to dsicovering the uncanny nature of the world and how it ties to her own mysterious past...[2]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Belph
  • Rexus
  • Livan
  • Yuras
  • Ferim


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