Arcana Famiglia Collezione!
Arcana Famiglia Collezione!
Publisher HUNEX CO.,LTD.
Platforms Android

The main character, Canna (name can be changed), comes to the Regalo Island where is now a popular tour spot. The style of buildings, the smell of the wind, the sunny and always can keep relaxing residents are all different from her hometown-Giappone. Cana is attracted by Regalo Island little by little.

One day, Mondo, who is on the top of the private organization 『Arcana・Famiglia』, will choose a new executive candidate for new cellier. Even Cana has rejected to be the candidate, a proposal was made from Mondo. He wanted her to participate 「La Primavela」, and to know more about Regalo Island…….

This is a charming love story (Piccola Amore), through the spring festival 「La Primavela」――[1]

Love interestsEdit

  • Danilo
  • Fazio
  • Onofrio
  • Oliver


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