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The good ending for Mubarak Click here go back to the main topic.

Good ending:
1. Follow his invitation
2. Don't follow
3. I'm sorry
4. Cry for help
5. Be grateful 
6. That's not true! 
7. Keep asking
8. Drink tea 
9. Agree
10. Stay silent
11. Squeeze his hands
12. Let Mubarak put it on
13. Say you're not surprised
14. Refuse 
15. Tell the truth 
16. I'm sorry. 
17. Maybe you're just thinking of me 
18. Refuse
19. Hug him
20. Do as he says 
21. Thanks
22. I wonder...
23. Can I really go?
24. Have you heard any rumors?
25. Not at all!
26. You're so childish 
27. Such flattery 
28. Where were you? 
29. I'm sorry. 
30. Say it again 
31. This is indeed my plan 
32. What am I supposed to do
33. You shouldn't suspect your friend

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