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Good ending: Edit

1. I'm sorry!
2. Please wait!
You sound so arrogant.
4. Quit it!
5. It's not that I've stopped...
6. Why?
7. I'm not sad!
8. I love them!
9. Yes...
10. Oh, I do!
11. It's not a big deal
13. Kamil, only you will do...
14. Wait a second!
15. Sorry.
16. I'm not angry!
17. That's right.
18. What are you talking about?
19. (Say nothing.)
20. I...
21. Its nothing.
22. I want the same as you.
23. It's a secret.
24. Er...
25. I can still meet them later.
26. A little.
27. Yes...
28. this isn't good.
29. Really?
30. I don't know.
31. it’s all right!
32. Don't worry.

CGS Edit

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