Arabian Dreams
Arabian Dreams
Developer NTT Solmare Corp.
Publisher NTT Solmare Corp.
Platforms Android

There is a kingdom called Madinaba’ in a big city in the desert. You are the princess of the kingdom, and your overprotective parents have forced you to remain in the palace all of your life. Tired of them, you try to sneak out to see what the world is like outside of the palace, but have never succeeded. …Until one day, a mysterious man named Ifrit appears before you and proposes that, if you spin a tale, he will let you out from the palace. When you answer “yes”, you are finally out of the palace for the first time in your life!

While riding camel-back in the desert, Ifrit tells you five stories: The Tailor named Aladdin, Sindbad the Sailor, Jinni of the Lamp, The Forgotten Tribe and The Sad Prince.

Strangely, you meet these men from the stories the next day. Their stories are supposed to have been already made, but you can change their fate out of your love as the tale-spinner. How would you like your love story to change? Happy ending or sad ending? Their fate and the course of your romance is in your hands…[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Aladdin
  • Sindbad
  • Ifrit
  • Vafa
  • Zia


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