April was a Fool
April was a Fool
Developer Dragonfly Studios
Released 🌎 April 1, 2015
Platforms PC

Two years ago, six heroes rose to stop an Evil Overlord from taking over the world. They were honoured as World-Class Heroes for their efforts. When a new threat appears, His Majesty King of Castle City calls upon these same Heroes once again. However - for tragic reasons, only five of them are available.

Faced with the reality that admitting to the king why one person isn't there would be too difficult, the Heroes approach May, a young girl who is just starting her first job to raise money for school, for help. Soon, she's whisked away with them to battle Dragons, inner demons, and the occasionally pushy suitor on a journey to vanquish Evil and save the world.

And maybe she'll score some sweet kisses as well.[1]

Love Interests Edit

  • Erwin Gates
  • Gabby Embers
  • Gunn Rose
  • Kent Kentson son of Kent
  • Blake Embers


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