Amnesia: Memories
Amnesia Memories
Japanese アムネシア
Developer Idea Factory
Publisher Idea Factory
Released 🇯🇵 April 18, 2013
🇺🇸 Aug 25, 2015
Platforms PlayStation Store

A young woman wakes up and finds herself in a space between dimensions. She is confronted by a young boy who tells her that he attempted to move from his world to hers. However, he made a mistake and ended up colliding into her mind. In doing so, he accidentally wiped out all of her memories. Eventually, the boy, Orion, will become further ingrained in your mind the longer he stays in your mind, and eventually you'll end up losing all sense of self. But all is not lost. There is one way to get him out: Regain your memories.

At this point, she is offered a choice between four worlds: heart, spade, clover, and diamond.[1]

Love Interests


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