7 Hotties All My Husbands
Seven Hotties All My Husbands title screen
Developer Arithmetic
Publisher Arithmetic
Platforms iOS

Kindle Fire

7 Hotties All My Husbands (旦那さまが7人いる!?, Danna-sama ga 7-nin iru!?) - is a free-to-play game by Arithmetic and is available on the iOS, Kindle Fire, and Android.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay of the game is a free-to-play mobile otome game. The player is able to choose one of the males after reading the prologue, the stories for the men you chose are different and have different plots to them when you start each route. When you do the tutorial, you are given free story tickets to finish the it, when you do finish the tutorial, you are given one free story recovery ticket to do some part of the first chapter of the man you chose. Then after that, the player is required to have story tickets to read story. You get 5 free tickets each day.

Sometimes player needs to overcome challenges to proceed further through story. It is usually to buy a sort of item for player's avatar or collect certain amount of "grace" points. Grace and gold (in-game money) can be collected via "Make-up" sessions - a battle system of the game where players compete with other players using thier "sense" on their avatars.

Story Edit

When the prologue begins, the heroine is seen to be at night talking to herself and wishing what it feels like to have a husband. She then notices a shooting star passes her as she wishes for her wish.

When the screen goes black, the heroine wakes up in unfamiliar room not remembering anything about previous day, She then is awoken by a unfamiliar man, saying she is his "wife".

As she runs away from the man, she is then met with another unfamiliar man who also claims she is also his "wife".

She then ends up meeting with seven guys living in the house she awoken in, whom all of them claiming she became their wife from the day before.

From the day before, the seven men all said that she signed a contract with them with rules or "promises" as a wife to the seven men which consists of three "promises".

She is then required to perform her duties as a wife and help each of her husbans with a reason he needed a wife for: someone to show up on social gatherings, someone to be a mother to his child, someone who can teach about married life, etc.

After the seven men explain the "promises" the player is then required to choose a man to spend her day with for the day and night with as she chooses...

Love Interests Edit

  • Ayato Kamishiro
  • Tsubasa Suo
  • Shizuki Tojo
  • Taiga Kirisame
  • Soichiro Tachibana
  • Celis Valentine
  • Haruto Kagurazaka
  • Toya Kagurazaka
  • Keita Sakurai
  • Gaia Ijyuin
  • Rui Tachibana

Events Edit

Sometimes the game holds events with additional stories and/or new outfits for the avatars of player and their chosen male.

Story events can be of different types: collection events and ticket-free ticket events. There are varieties of different gachas (lottery) with avatars and stories.

Ticket-free Story Events Edit

These events are time-limited and tell additional stories. The player is able to choose one of character routes in this event and can read it as long as they want. The only thing stopping them from continuing the event stories are challenges that are required to pass through to continue the story, the challenges consist of requiring buying outfit items or getting specific number of event-only points, points can be gotten via event-exclusive type of "make up" battles.

  • Together with Rui
  • Please my darling
  • The Wife Has Committed a Small Sin
  • Love Gamble]]
  • Seal The Proposal With A Kiss
  • A Little Jealousy
  • The Midnight Phantom Thief & the Captive Princess
  • Christmas Kiss
  • Teach me, Teacher!
  • Marshmallow Honey

Collection Events Edit

Collection events are about collecting points by reading main story, participating in make-up sessions, logging in game every day and other actions. The game gives prizes when to the player when they reach the needed amount of points for every prize. The prizes include in-game items, outfits and additional stories.

  • Your inversed boyfriend is playing with you
  • Pampering the Childish Wife
  • Feel the Love Beat!
  • Love Happening! ~Lucky *** Happens Suddenly~

Gachas Edit

  • Tropical gacha
  • Sexy Little Devil Gacha
  • 32 Hotties All My Husbands
  • Moonlight Night Secret Meeting Gacha
  • Doll Festival Gacha
  • Dipped in Pink

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